Wednesday, 18 August 2010


10 June 2010 COUNCIL

Mr KAVANAGH (Western Victoria) -- My matter is for the Minister for Energy and Resources and relates to the development of geothermal power and greenhouse gas sequestration, particularly in and around Gherang in my electorate of Western Victoria Region. The majority of residents of Gherang and surrounding areas are not at all enthusiastic about the development of geothermal power around their houses, farms and businesses. Most of them are extremely concerned for the beauty, peacefulness and safety of their homes and neighbourhoods, which are located in some of Victoria's prettiest countryside.

Gherang residents have, however, chosen not to simply oppose the geothermal development. Under the leadership of local resident Daniel Briggs and others, they have developed a series of proposed regulations and safeguards, which, if incorporated into the proposed development, would meet their minimum demands.

The professionally drafted policy briefing package that has been put together by and on behalf of local residents includes 35 policies -- that is, restrictions and safeguards. Most of these suggested requirements seem to be extremely reasonable, such as buffer zones around homes.

I congratulate those involved in developing this policy briefing package and ask the government to seriously consider this document, which I will forward to the minister, and incorporate these suggested safeguards into the regulatory framework that deals with geothermal developments and greenhouse gas sequestration.


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