Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Media 2008-10-14 DLP Asks Governor Stop Abort Bill

Press Release
14 October 2008

DLP Asks Governor to Stop Abortion Bill

DLP MLC for Western Victoria, Peter Kavanagh has faxed the Governor of Victoria Professor De Kretser, asking him to withhold Royal Assent for the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008, on the basis that it was not properly passed by the Victorian Parliament.

"There are good reasons to conclude that the Abortion Bill contravenes Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. Furthermore passage of this Bill through the Parliament did not comply with requirements specified in the Charter. The Charter requires certain procedures before a bill that affects rights guaranteed under the Charter can be properly passed by the Parliament. The Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 did not comply with those requirements. On the basis of this deficiency I have asked the Governor to withhold Royal Assent for the Bill", Mr Kavanagh said.

For further comment please contact Peter Kavanagh 03 5222 1503.


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