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28 July 2010 COUNCIL

Mr KAVANAGH (Western Victoria) -- Earlier this month Bob Carr publicly praised the Democratic Labor Party as being fundamentally correct in its assessment of the infiltration of the ALP by communists. He wrote:

... the bombshell ... is the system of dual membership of the ALP and the CPA, something long suspected but now spelt out by the ASIO documents ...

The implications are huge.

He added that the revelations vindicate the Democratic Labor Party and said:

... the DLP indictment of the ramshackle Labor Party ... was mostly right.

He says the evidence is that probably two Whitlam government ministers were also members of the Communist Party.

Mr Carr is also reported as saying:

Calwell accommodated himself to the communist-dominated Victorian state ALP executive and finally, absurdly, joined in even while serving as federal leader.

An editorial in the Australian says that Frank Hardy, among other people, was accepting money from the Soviet Union for his propaganda work in Australia, but this is not widely known because of the Marxist domination of history faculties.

By its nature communism inherently means mass murder and an economic backwardness to the point of widespread cannibalism.

For a long time the efforts and concerns of anti-communists have been ridiculed with the phrase 'Reds under the beds', but the truth is that the documents show that Communist Party members were not under the beds but were in the universities and also in the halls of political power, including the party executives, Australian parliaments and cabinet rooms under the aegis of the ALP after 1955.

It is a disgrace that this issue has not been taken up by the press in Victoria; it has been totally ignored.


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