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Hansard 2007-09-20 South-West Helicopter

Title Keith Meerbach
Activity Members Statements
Date 20 September 2007
Page 2851

20 September 2007 COUNCIL

Page 2851

Keith Meerbach

Mr KAVANAGH (Western Victoria) -- I wish to take the opportunity to commend the actions of Mr Keith Meerbach of south-western Victoria, who has been organising support for a south-west-based emergency helicopter service. Recently Mr Meerbach's sister-in-law was injured in a road accident. Due to the lack of a south-west-based emergency helicopter service, the injured lady was forced to wait for 4 hours before being airlifted to Melbourne for emergency brain surgery. Her Melbourne surgeon observed that the delay in treatment was detrimental to her health. Unfortunately, this lady was only one of many in similar situations.

I understand that local member Denis Napthine, the member for South-West Coast in the other place, is to present a very large petition calling for a south-west-based emergency helicopter service. That

Page 2852

petition was organised by Mr Meerbach. I commend Mr Meerbach on his initiative, concern and loyalty, not only to his sister-in-law but to all the citizens of the south-west.


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