Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hansard 2008-12-04 John Valves Pty Ltd in Ballarat

John Valves Pty Ltd, a manufacturing company operating in Ballarat since 1896 and employing 120 to 130 workers, had been placed into administration.
Mr Peter Kavanagh DLP MLC for Western Victoria Region asked the minister to assist the affected workers in receiving due payment and take action to prevent a repeat occurance.
Mr Kavanagh's comments in Parliament on Hansard are below:

Title: John Valves Pty Ltd: government assistance
Activity: Adjournment
Date: 4 December 2008
Page: 5501


Mr KAVANAGH (Western Victoria) -- My adjournment matter is for the Acting Minister for Industry and Trade and relates to the closure of John Valves in Ballarat. Former workers at John Valves have told me that although payments for salary sacrifice, superannuation and even for maintenance were deducted from their wages, at least some of those payments were never forwarded to the appropriate funds. I ask the minister to investigate and, if these claims are correct, take action to see that these workers are expeditiously compensated from the proceeds of the liquidation without having to take legal action. I also ask that he take action to prevent such a situation happening again.


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