Friday, 1 August 2008

Media 2008-06-10 DLP Blocks Police Integrity Bill

Press Release
10th June 2008

DLP Blocks Police Integrity Bill.

The Legislative Council at 4.20PM today delayed voting on the Government's Office of Police Integrity Bill on a motion by Peter Kavanagh, DLP Member of Western Victoria.

Mr Kavanagh argued that the Bill, which the Government was very anxious to have passed as ASAP, deserved more consideration because:

(1) The report by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee was only published today;

(2) Irregularities in the Committee's hearings and processes have been alleged; and

(3) The Bill seems to be inconsistent with the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and with general principles of human rights.

In short the Bill deserved further consideration. With Coalition and Greens' support, Mr Kavanagh's motion passed 21 to 19.

For further comment, please call Peter Kavanagh, DLP Member for Western Victoria on 03 5222 1503.


Peter Kavanagh MLC
Member for Western Victoria
Parliament of Victoria

"La Cabine"
2nd Floor
1 Yarra Street
Geelong VIC 3220

Ph: 03 5222 1503
Fax: 03 5222 8677


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